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Beebot Algorithms @RRIS

Posted by on 15/01/2015

This week we were excited to get our new beebots and we were using direction cards to write algorithms.  We then got in pairs and extended our algorithms and decided to program them all to do the same dance!  We all had great fun and are going to show the rest of our classes how to do it too.

3 Responses to Beebot Algorithms @RRIS

  1. Ben's Mum

    Love love love those Beebots dancing! So impressed with what the DLs are learning.

  2. Maya's Mum

    Wow!! I think this looks amazing. They are learning so much. It was great fun to watch

  3. Skye's Mummy

    That is so impressive how the DLs got the Beebots to dance at the same time! I would love to take a look next time I’m in school.