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Creating Avatars @RRIS

Posted by on 07/10/2015

This week we have been creating avatars to complete our identity badges using websites Doppelme and MiniMizer – everyone had a great time customising their person (some were a little scary!) We are looking forward to helping our classmates create theirs too.

Creating Avatars @RRIS

Digital Leader Avatars @RRIS

7 Responses to Creating Avatars @RRIS

  1. Archie's dad

    Brilliant, what great designs and well done digital leaders!

  2. Jack's mum

    I’ve heard a lot about the Mini-Me’s for Digital Leaders, so it’s been good to see them all in the (digitised) flesh! Jack loved the fact he could create himself as a Legoised, baseball-cap-wearing version of Captain America! Nice work, everyone.

  3. Isobel's Mum

    Really creative work – these all look great!

  4. Amelie's mum

    What a fabulous collection of avatars!

  5. Luca's Mum

    These are awesome! Very impressive

  6. RRISBlog

    We had lots of fun making them 🙂 especially as they didn’t have to look exactly like us!

  7. Becca's Mum

    Becca says the mini-mes are “awesome”