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Designing E-Safety Board Games @RRIS

Posted by on 08/01/2018

This week the digital leaders have been completing an unplugged activity designing an E-Safety board game for the Year 1 children.

Firstly we talked about internet safety rules and how important it was that everyone knew them and remembered to use them when they were on a computer, tablet, phone or any other device that connected us to the world!

We wanted to make it fun and memorable for the Year 1 children so thought a board game would be a good way to help them remember the rules.

We used a dotted grid to draw out our game board and added positive and negative squares to move forwards or backwards during the game.

Next time we are going to transfer our paper copy on to the computer, adding colours and clipart.

“It was good drawing the sausage pathway.  I liked putting in the squares and sending someone back to the start.  I think the Year 1’s will like it.” Annabel

“I am having so much fun, I liked making the game and it is very neat.” Louis

“It was very, very fun and exciting.” Willow and Nina

“It has been exciting and it has been quite difficult.” Oliver

“I have been having a lot of fun.” Felix

“Mrs Stone is great at teaching :)” Tom (thank you very much Tom)


One Response to Designing E-Safety Board Games @RRIS

  1. Emma - A's Mum

    I think it’s great that you’re sharing your knowledge and experience with your year 1 friends, well done digital leaders 🙂