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Designing our Avatars @RRIS

Posted by on 14/10/2019

After spending the last few weeks setting the group up, today was our first lesson that we will go on to teach to our classes. We all know how important it is to keep ourselves safe when using the computer and being online, so we learned how to create our own avatar, which we will use on our ID badges (much safer than a real photo.)

We used two different websites Doppelme and a Lego Style Avatar Creator (works best in IE) The Leaders had time to explore each website so that when they come to teach this to their class they will be experts!

Here are all the finished avatars – can you recognise who they are?

7 Responses to Designing our Avatars @RRIS

  1. Alex says:

    Wow! Love all rainbow colours. These are awesome.

  2. Paul says:

    These look wonderful! I want one! I like the idea of creating something that doesn’t show your own photo, much safer. And it’s great they all get to share this with their classes.

  3. Kelly Jackson says:

    Love all the avatars so colourful and individual. It looks like they had a lot of fun completing this task.

  4. Clare says:

    Great Avatars with amazing colours – I think I might recognise a few! Keep going with the brilliant work team!

  5. Katie says:

    I can recognise B – he looks the most mischievous amongst the avatars!
    Well done everyone.

  6. Tash & Tom says:

    Brilliant avatars – I can guess one of them, because I recognised the back of a head in front of the screen!

  7. Suzy R says:

    Love these! They are amazing! Good work team!