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6 Responses to Let’s Look at the Logos! @RRIS

  1. RRISBlog

    The new logo goes everywhere 🙂 We use it on our DL display area in the ICT suite and on our online spaces (such as this blog and our school website.) We are also hoping to get badges printed for all the Leaders and Helpers. Last year we were also very fortunate to get sponsored for our Education Show trip with personalised tshirts and lanyards, so if you know anyone that might like to do that………:)

  2. Archie's mum

    Well done everyone- you have thought hard about your logos and what to include on them. Where do you plan to use it once the final design has been chosen?

  3. RRISBlog

    Nearly all the votes are in – so we should find out the winner on Friday 🙂

  4. Luca's Mum

    What wonderful Logo designs, it will be a hard decision I’m sure!

  5. Mark (Esme's dad)

    Just had a look at all of the logo designs, they look brilliant. Can’t wait to see which one is selected…?

  6. Emma W's mum

    All the logos look great! Well done everyone.

    You might be interested to know that I normally use Chrome browser on my Mac and the mp4 only played the background music and didn’t show the images. With Firefox, no music or images. But it finally worked on Safari!