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Minecraft Style Work @RRIS

Posted by on 12/10/2021

This week the Digital Leaders explored the Textease tools that allowed them to draw with squares and triangles and drew some amazing pictures!! They are really excited about showing their class later in the week how to do it.

“Drawing with the triangle grid was much harder than the squares but it did mean that we could draw things like a bicycle.”

“It was great that we already learnt how to fill in shapes because it made it really easy to colour in without going over the lines.”

“That was really fun – I don’t mind that it all looks a bit square, it made me think harder about how I was going to draw things. They look a bit like my Mindcraft game and when you use Lego everything is square shapes and they look ok.”

2 Responses to Minecraft Style Work @RRIS

  1. Dm from swifts says:

    i like that Dogy!!!

  2. R E says:

    Nice work digital leaders!!!
    R E