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Our First Meeting @RRIS

Posted by on 23/09/2016

Didn’t those summer holidays whizz by quickly? We were all so excited to be back and find out who the Digital Leaders and Helpers for 2016 were and we made the announcement in a special Rec Road Radio broadcast – which you can listen to here.

Our new leaders are:

Millie, Mia, Archie, Leo, Bea, Alice

Billy, Percy, Bethany, Biba, Elizabeth, Elsie

William, Elliott, Marlie, Lola, Hanna, Tilly

Mia, Rosie, Jacob, Clara, Freddie, Ben

We are going to meet up in 2 groups once a week and in our very first meeting we needed to decide on our job role and the responsibilities we would have.  We worked with a new partner and came up with a list then put all our ideas together – next week we will all sign the agreement.  We really enjoyed getting to know new friends 🙂



12 Responses to Our First Meeting @RRIS

  1. Emma

    I have been having a look around your blog and it looks like your Digital Leaders have been taking part in some excellent activities! We are looking to set this up in our school and are keen to have a chat with some people already involved in the project to get some ideas of the best way to run the programme. It would be great if someone could contact me about it 🙂

  2. Tom (Tilly's Dad)

    Well done to all the Digital Leaders! I’m looking forward to seeing the new logo. Have lots of fun learning about exciting digital technology.

  3. Natasha (Tilly's mum)

    Well done to all of you new digital leaders! Tilly is very excited to be working with the Bee-Bots and Blue-Bots. We are really looking forward to hearing about all that you do this year.

  4. Simon (Bea's Dad)

    Well done to all this year’s Digital Leaders! Looking forward to hearing and seeing all your hard work this year, congratulations!

  5. Percy's Mum (Chloe)

    Well done Percy, well done all you other fabulous year 2’s ! A digital leader is a fantastic opportunity. We hope you enjoy the responsibility, you are all fantastic.

  6. Alice's Mum

    Alice is really excited about being a digital leader!

  7. Camilla, Biba's mum

    Well done to all the digital leaders! I am very excited to hear about what you all get up to. All of Biba’s family are very proud of her!

  8. Charles Taylor

    Very well done Percy grandad Charlie is very proud of you

  9. Lola's Mum

    Well done everyone. It’s so exciting. Lola I am so proud of you and I love hearing all about it

  10. Mia's dad

    Very proud of all you digital leaders! Looking forward to Mia showing me how to work the Ipad!!

  11. Elliott's mum

    Elliott is already very excited about the new logo and getting involved!

  12. From Archies mum

    Hello there. I love this little group, Archie is so proud to be a leader and I am very proud of him too.