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Preparing to Teach Avatars @RRIS

Posted by on 19/10/2016

After creating their own avatars last week, the Digital Leaders spent their time making sure they were super confident in knowing everything to do!  They remembered all the steps to find the websites, maximizing the screen, finding the correct tab then familiarizing themselves with everything the about the websites and building the avatars.  Two children from each class volunteered to be the teachers for their class lesson with everyone else being the teacher’s helpers. Everyone was excited about teaching their class for the first time – can’t wait to find out how it goes!

Preparing to teach @RRIS Preparing to teach @RRIS Preparing to teach @RRIS

6 Responses to Preparing to Teach Avatars @RRIS

  1. Matthew (Lizzie's Dad)

    Looks like everyone is very excited! Looking forward to finding out what is in store today!

  2. Sally (Rosie's Mum

    Loving reading the blog. Well done on learning how to make the avatars and I’m looking forward to hearing how you all got on teaching your classes!

  3. RRISBlog

    Hello Tilly’s Granny all the way from Greece 🙂 lovely to add you to our visitors – hope you enjoy being able to catch up with all our adventures 🙂

  4. Veronica

    Hope your lesson goes well!
    Veronica (Tilly’s granny in Greece).

  5. Tom (Tilly's Dad)

    It will be great fun showing everyone else in your class what you have learned. Well done everyone!

  6. Jim (Percy's Dad)

    Wow that’s very exciting and a big responsibility! You will all be great teachers 🙂