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Searching, Saving and Using Images @RRIS

Posted by on 14/10/2015

To make our work more interesting we always want to add a picture – but is it ok to use just any picture we find on google images? No, not really. So this week we learnt how to use Pixabay safely to search for royalty free pictures to use.  Our task was to make a poster using Textease which  had to include 4 images, which you could resize or crop, then save and print your work.  It was quite a challenge in the time that we had but we all managed it and we helped each other out  when we got a bit stuck.  We can now share what we have learnt with our classmates in our next ICT lesson.

Using Pixabay @RRIS Using Pixabay @RRIS

4 Responses to Searching, Saving and Using Images @RRIS

  1. Archie's dad

    Great use of cutting and cropping! I do a lot of this in my line of work, it’s brilliant to see you all doing so well

  2. Poppy's mum

    We looked through all recent blogs together today. Great work! I especially like the raising awareness of images. Thank you.

  3. Emma W's mum

    Emma showed me the pictures she had printed out. It’s great you can get some cool pics without worrying about copyright!

  4. Becca's mum

    Brilliant! Becca was explaining this to me on the way home 🙂