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Using Espresso @RRIS

Posted by on 12/11/2019

This week the Digital Leaders and Helpers were using Espresso to find information about Remembrance Day. They looked at videos and books and are going to show their classmates how to do this in their class lessons later in the week.

They also learnt the terms web browser and tab and have started to seen how to switch between tabs.

“It was fun watching all the videos about Remembrance day.”

“Poppies grew in the fields that the soldiers died in. I found that information on the internet on Espresso.”

“I thought some of the videos about Remembrance day were interesting.”

3 Responses to Using Espresso @RRIS

  1. Neil

    Fantastic! The digital leaders look so engaged – learning and respecting something very important. Keep up the great work!

  2. Paul

    Really good to see everyone learning how to use the internet for ways to learn new things. Go team!

  3. suzy

    Great to see the leaders using technology to aid their research and learnings on such a poignant subject matter x