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Using Kodable at Home @RRIS

Posted by on 30/04/2020

Let’s have a look and see how the leaders got on at home with my challenge!

B said “It was really easy – you had to make a path but the hardest part was to know that you didn’t need an arrow for each space on the path, it was for the whole line. Once you knew that I was OK for the rest. It was the first time that I have used Kodable at home and I would use it again.”

P said “For the first tries, it didn’t work out very well, but then I started enjoying it. The instructions were good, but what I found a bit puzzling is that you can only use a certain number of commands. I didn’t know in my first attempts that it makes it easier when you move the start and finish blocks. Once my mummy moved them, it was easier.
I would recommend this to other children and will play it now again.”

J said “Thank you for letting us know about the beach cleanup game on kodable. I completed all of the levels and thought it was fun. “

M said “I think it was great . I loved coding so I really enjoyed solving the problems. You have to move the character to pick up the rubbish. There are 2 problems, the first is that you have to build a path. The second is that you only have a limited amount of moves. Thank you for sharing it with me

E said “This afternoon I have played a new game with Kodable called Beach Clean Up.
Here is my review.
I thought the game was fun to play because it teaches us to recycle our rubbish and save animals lives – making a cleaner environment for everyone. I found the video instructions easy to follow. I think it would be a good, fun game for year 1 and 2 children to play as there are 3 levels – easy, medium and hard. I played the easy and medium levels and found the picture instructions helpful. Overall, I really enjoyed playing the game.”

G said ” I had a go on the Kodable beach clean and did really enjoy it the instruction videos are clear and I got on well.”

This looks fun!

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