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Using Pixabay @RRIS

Posted by on 09/11/2016

This week we have been learning to use Pixabay to search for and save copyright and royalty free images.  We talked about how important it is to only use pictures if someone else has said we can and using pictures from google isn’t allowed!!  We learnt to use the right mouse button for the first time and found it a little bit tricky but we managed. Next week we are going to put our saved pictures in to Textease to make ourselves a nice poster for our bedroom wall.

Searching Pixabay @RRIS Searching Pixabay @RRIS

2 Responses to Using Pixabay @RRIS

  1. Mia's dad

    Hopefully you cam find some pictures of these tree octopuses! As I can’t find any anywhere!

  2. Jim (Percy's Dad)

    I hear you have to use the other side of the mouse and that it is a different colour too