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Using Textease Paint Tools @RRIS

Posted by on 04/10/2021

This week the Digital Leaders got to grips with colour mixing and using the symmetry tool.

“There are loads of cool colours that you can make that aren’t on the normal palette like purple and orange and lots of weird colours!”

“I really like that you can change the rainbow brush, if you mix in blue then all the yellow goes away.”

“I think our class will find it hard remembering that you have to click and drag over the palette to change the colour as it doesn’t look like the colour is changing at first.”

“I could think of lots of things to draw with the vertical symmetry like a face or a butterfly. I am not sure what I would draw using the horizontal symmetry as when I drew a cat I drew half of the body and the computer drew the bottom half but when I added a tail, I ended up with 2!”

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