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Super Spheros! @RRIS

Posted by on 11/01/2016

We were all very excited when some new programmable toys arrived in school – Spheros and Ollies!  Sphero Education were very kind to donate them for us to use in our BETT Show presentation on January 22nd at the Excel Centre in London.  They were a little tricky to manoeuvre to start with but once everyone got the hang of it, they went where they should!  Everyone is looking forward to taking them to BETT and showing the audience what they can do.

Spheros and Ollies @RRIS

9 Responses to Super Spheros! @RRIS

  1. From layton primary digital leaders

    We saw you at the Bett and you were amazing

  2. From layton primary digital leaders

    We like the way digital leaders get to code the spheros
    Question do you have any bb8?

  3. Isobel's mum

    Isobel and her Dad cannot wait for tomorrow. You’ll all be great, kids! Have a wonderful day.

  4. Ms Dixon

    Hope you all have a lovely time at BETT on Friday. I know that you’ll do us all proud and that your enthusiasm will shine out during the presentation. Thanks to everyone who is going along! Enjoy!
    Ms Dixon

  5. Becca's mum

    Great pic. Love the concentration on their faces

  6. Cole's Dad

    Cole is very excited about BETT2016. He’s looking forward to seeing and getting his hands on all the bits of tech on show. Just loves to learn when some sort of new gadget is involved,

  7. Jade

    I can’t wait to see these on Friday, they look awesome!

  8. Amelie's mum

    Lots of excitement in our home about BETT2016. I love how the children are concentrating hard on the Ollies and Spheros in this photo.

  9. Isobel's Mum

    Everyone is getting very excited about BETT2016. The Spheros and Ollies look like so much fun.