Tree Octopus Research @RRIS

This week the Digital Leaders and Helpers did some research for the Year 1 children all about the Tree Octopus!

We had no idea that the tree octopus even existed – it is amazing the kind of information you can find on the internet – it’s is almost too hard to believe!

Felix – It was a good thing to learn, I didn’t know there was a tree octopus until today

Elfie – The website was quite interesting, I didn’t know the tree octopus had so many colours!



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First Ever Digital Helper Meeting @RRIS

This year the Digital Helpers have their own dedicated meeting and the first one was held this week.

We have some exciting Ollies and Spheros which are programmable robots that you can steer!  The Digital Helpers worked with a partner and really enjoyed exploring what they could do.  They couldn’t wait to go and tell their classmates all about them.


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Using the Internet @RRIS

This week the digital leaders and helpers have been learning the basics of using an internet browser.  They have been learning how to use lots of tabs at the same time (multi-tab browsing) and switching between the tabs also minimizing and maximizing the screen.  We also talked about what to do if we ever came across something which was not suitable for us, by turning off the screen and calling over an adult to see.

“It wasn’t difficult to open all the websites or switch between them”  Sulli

“It was really, really fun!” Willow

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Designing our Avatar @RRIS

This week the digital leaders made their avatar for their lanyard. We talked about how important it was to not always use real pictures of ourselves when we use websites. We used two different avatar creators Doppelme and Lego Avatar Creator.  All the digital leaders will be showing their classmates how to make one for them to use. Can you recognise who we are?

“It was very fun, I preferred the lego maker, but both were good”  Willow

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Our First Skype Chat @RRIS

We were so excited to be having our very first digital leader meet up over Skype! At lunch time today a group of the leaders met up with digital leaders in Year 2 from Fakenham Infant School. We were all very excited and crossed our fingers that it was going to work and after a few hiccups, it did 🙂

We were very pleased to meet each other.  Fakenham DL’s showed us the work they had been doing about esafety and we asked each other lots of questions.  We are really excited about meeting up again together soon.

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Digital Leader Job Agreement Signed @RRIS

After last week’s meeting with all our ideas about what we would like to achieve this school year, the Digital Leaders signed their new job role agreement. They certainly want to do a lot of things 🙂

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Our First Meeting @RRIS

The new Digital Leaders will meet once a fortnight on a Monday and today was our very first meeting!  We got to know each other and talked about all the things we are looking forward to doing as Digital Leaders at RRIS.  We worked with a partner to write down ideas of all the things we think are important and they are going to be part of our roles and responsibilities.



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Meet Our New Digital Leaders @RRIS

After a bit of a delayed start the new Digital Leaders were finally announced this afternoon – here they all are!  They can’t wait to get started on their new job next week.  This year we are having 4 Leaders in each of our year 2 classes, with 2 Helper guests each meeting to join us.  The Helpers are also going to attend their own meetings on Thursday lunchtimes when they can test out some gadgets!  Exciting times ahead for us all.



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