Using Espresso @RRIS

This week the Digital Leaders and Helpers were using Espresso to find information about Remembrance Day. They looked at videos and books and are going to show their classmates how to do this in their class lessons later in the week.

They also learnt the terms web browser and tab and have started to seen how to switch between tabs.

“It was fun watching all the videos about Remembrance day.”

“Poppies grew in the fields that the soldiers died in. I found that information on the internet on Espresso.”

“I thought some of the videos about Remembrance day were interesting.”

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Our Badges Have Arrived @RRIS

Following our amazing logo competition, our brand new shiny badges have arrived!!! All the Leaders and Helpers will receive a badge when they attend their next meeting 🙂

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Teaching Avatars @RRIS

For the first time we welcomed Helpers to our meeting to show them how we created our avatars.  We will be teaching this to our classes this week.

“We have been practising lego style avatars and making our own lego people. We are making them because if children need our help doing them we need to help them.” A

“We have been making pictures of us in lego style because we can’t have our real pictures because it gives away personal stuff about us.” L

“I have enjoyed being a helper. I have had lots of fun making lego characters.” I

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Designing our Avatars @RRIS

After spending the last few weeks setting the group up, today was our first lesson that we will go on to teach to our classes. We all know how important it is to keep ourselves safe when using the computer and being online, so we learned how to create our own avatar, which we will use on our ID badges (much safer than a real photo.)

We used two different websites Doppelme and a Lego Style Avatar Creator (works best in IE) The Leaders had time to explore each website so that when they come to teach this to their class they will be experts!

Here are all the finished avatars – can you recognise who they are?

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Logo Winners Announced @RRIS

It is with great excitement that I can reveal the new Digital Team logo for 2019-20 – it was a very difficult decision as all the designs were so good!

This amazing design was a combination of two brilliant designs

Together we think that they make one amazing new logo! We had a special assembly to announce the two worthy winners 🙂 Well done.

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Signing Job Agreement @RRIS

Following last week’s meeting and our discussions about what we wanted to do in the coming year a new job role was written and all the Digital Leaders signed it. We’ve got a busy year ahead!

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Our First Meeting @RRIS

Our new group of Digital Leaders met altogether for their very first ever meeting. For the next 3 weeks will be meeting every week to get ourselves established and then we will work in two groups of 8 every other week on a Monday afternoon.

First of all we got to know each other and then talked about what we thought the job would entail. We then went off with a partner and wrote down some ideas about what we would like to achieve this year, thinking about how this could link in with our school learner values. Next week we will sign our agreement and design our new logo, so everyone went off thinking about what they might design.

Lots of fantastic ideas!
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Digital Leaders Are Announced @RRIS

I am very proud and pleased to announce our 16 bright and shiny new Year 2 Digital Leaders! Everyone was very pleased and there were lots of smiley faces 🙂

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