Christmas Greetings @RRIS

With all the text processing skills that they have learnt over the past weeks, the Digital Leaders typed out the inside messages for their Christmas cards. We also learnt how to centralise our text and push words underneath each other so they would fit in the cards. As an added extra we learnt how to copy our text so that our partner wouldn’t have to type the words out again, just change the colour or font if they wished. We printed them when we were finished.

“I didn’t know that you could push the words underneath each other, that was really easy and now they will all fit in my card OK, I thought I was going to have to make them small but now I don’t have to.”

“I really like this handwriting font, it’s really fancy and pretty.”

“I had never used the crtl button before, I didn’t know what it was for, it was so cool that you could copy the words again without having to type them – it was so quick.”

“I think we might have to help some people with the crtl button and the clicking and dragging, they might forget how to do that but it’s really easy to do.”

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Formatting Text @RRIS

This week the Digital Leaders built on from their skills and learnt how to change the font and size of their text (we decided to type our favourite food!) They also learnt that the text could be rotated and placed anywhere on the Textease page. These skills were going to come in very handy for next weeks task.

“It was really easy to choose a font I liked, you just clicked the down arrow and the words on the screen changed along with the font on the screen.”

“It’s cool that the words can be on the slant and anywhere I like on the page.”

“When we teach this to the rest of the class I think the bit that they might forget will be to click on the words first before you change them, they might forget to do that.”

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Typing Words and Phrases @RRIS

This week the Digital Leaders were building on their text processing skills by typing out words and phrases related to Victorian Christmas (which they have been learning about.)

“I really like that you can click anywhere on the screen in Textease and the red line jumps so you can type anywhere.”

“It’s really cool that Textease knows if you have spelt a word wrong by making the words yellow. I’m not sure why it didn’t know that I had spelt my name right – I checked it and it still said it was wrong.”

“Typing words is quite easy and I mustn’t put lots of finger spaces between the words, only one even though that doesn’t look like enough.”

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Learning to Type @RRIS

This week the Digital Leaders got to grips with their keyboards! First we watched a video clip all about the shift key and how to use it to make capital letters and then we had a go ourselves. We used three different websites (Kidz Club and BBC Dance Mat) and everyone really enjoyed it.

“Trying to use your little finger to hold down the shift key is quite difficult but I managed it in the end.”

“I always wondered why it was called the shift key – now I know.”

“I got much better as I got further on through the game, I think I would like to have a go at it when I get home.”

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Being creative with stamps @RRIS

This week the Digital Leaders got creative with the Textease stamp tool. We found out that there were lots of stamps hidden!!! For example there were lots of different fruits hidden inside the orange! We talked about different ways the stamps could be used and then used them in a creative way. Some people used them to stamp with as single shapes, other people drew with them. We came up with lots of interesting whacky ways to use them.

“Using stamps is really easy – you can rotate them so we used the grass stamp to make the beak on our bird.”

“We thought it was really funny to make the face out of biscuits.”

“It’s really handy that there is a stamp for grass as it makes our picture look a lot better.”

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Minecraft Style Work @RRIS

This week the Digital Leaders explored the Textease tools that allowed them to draw with squares and triangles and drew some amazing pictures!! They are really excited about showing their class later in the week how to do it.

“Drawing with the triangle grid was much harder than the squares but it did mean that we could draw things like a bicycle.”

“It was great that we already learnt how to fill in shapes because it made it really easy to colour in without going over the lines.”

“That was really fun – I don’t mind that it all looks a bit square, it made me think harder about how I was going to draw things. They look a bit like my Mindcraft game and when you use Lego everything is square shapes and they look ok.”

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Using Textease Paint Tools @RRIS

This week the Digital Leaders got to grips with colour mixing and using the symmetry tool.

“There are loads of cool colours that you can make that aren’t on the normal palette like purple and orange and lots of weird colours!”

“I really like that you can change the rainbow brush, if you mix in blue then all the yellow goes away.”

“I think our class will find it hard remembering that you have to click and drag over the palette to change the colour as it doesn’t look like the colour is changing at first.”

“I could think of lots of things to draw with the vertical symmetry like a face or a butterfly. I am not sure what I would draw using the horizontal symmetry as when I drew a cat I drew half of the body and the computer drew the bottom half but when I added a tail, I ended up with 2!”

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Our Badges have arrived! @RRIS

Our brand new shiny Digital Team badges have arrived! Every child in Year 2 will receive a badge once they have had a turn leading the learning.

Don’t they look amazing!
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Our First Digital Team ‘B’ Meeting @RRIS

After the success of last weeks Team A meeting, it was time for the first Team B meeting with Leaders from Swans and Swifts class. Everyone was so excited and were incredible at listening and carrying out their practice task – look at those smiling faces!

“I love that you can turn the shapes round and fill them up so easily without having to colour them in!”

“Some people might find it hard to remember to open and close the checkboard fill tool if you want to change the sort of filling you want.”

“We need to remember to tell everyone to fill their background in last or you can’t fill over the top of it.”

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Supporting The Learning @RRIS

After their Digital Team meeting the first set of leaders lead their class lesson and supported their peers during their Computing session.

Their teacher said that they did an amazing job!

The leaders said that when their classmates had got stuck they remembered to try things out for themselves before they called on a leader for advice. The class said they found it really helpful that the leaders were there, as they had already done everything and could answer lots of questions.

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