Goodbye Digital Leaders @RRIS

It is very sad at the end of every year that I have to say goodbye to my amazing leaders.  They have been such a great help to me and their classes.  I wish them lots of success at their new school.


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Digital Leader Interviews @RRIS

This week the digital leaders have been interviewing all the prospective leaders and helpers for next year.

All the children who applied were interviewed in groups of 4 and then also did a task on the computer to make a bookmark, using different fonts and clipart.  All the digital leaders enjoyed supporting the applicants.  We talked together about all the people we saw and came up with the final 16 children – we can’t wait to tell them who it is going to be!

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70 Applications Received @RRIS

What a fantastic number of applications!  More than 70 children have applied to become digital leaders and helpers for September – now all we have to do is interview them all, I can’t wait 🙂

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New Digital Leader Applications @RRIS

The time has come for the year 1 children to apply to become digital leaders in September.  Have you filled your form in yet?

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Board Game Text @RRIS

This week the Digital Leaders and Helpers have been learning how to add text to their Esafety board games, so they can teach this to the rest of their class during their lessons this week.  It was a little bit harder than it first looked but everyone was pleased with how their game board looked at the end. Next time we will be adding some clip art and a title ready to play with the Year 1 children.

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Safer Internet Week @RRIS

This week the Digital Leaders and Helpers have been looking at online safety activities using Espresso to share these with their class this week. They also completed a school Technology Survey so that we can see how children at our school are using devices and the internet at home.

This  week in school we also are taking part in special Safer Internet Day activities and had a special assembly on Monday.  We all understand how important it is to keep ourselves safe when using the computer and remember to be kind and respectful to everyone we may meet.

It was a good thing to do and it helps to remind us about website safety – Emily

If we all pledge something kind, everything will be nice – Crows class

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Esafety Helpers Lunch Club @RRIS

Next week in school is Internet Safety Week and so the Digital Helpers came to lunch club to write some special questions for our radio show tomorrow afternoon.

They thought about questions that every year group would be able to answer.  They worked in pairs and decided who was going to read the question and who was going to read the answer.  Why don’t you tune in and have a listen at 2.30pm?  If you missed it live you can go back and listen to it again as all the radio shows are recorded so you can listen later on 🙂

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Making Our Board Games @RRIS

This week the Digital Leaders started the process of drawing out their esafety board games on to the computer using Textease.

We used the snap to grid function so that it was easy to copy the board that we had drawn the week before.  We filled all the squares with colours and then picked some interesting backgrounds.

Next week we will start adding our text.

“It looked quite difficult to do at first, but actually it was really easy.”

“I can’t believe how good the board looks, its is exactly like the one I drew.”

“I changed some of the colours from my original design, I like it better now.”

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Trying Makey Makey @RRIS

This week at the Digital Helpers lunch club we tried out Makey Makey!  We followed all the instructions to put the circuit together with the board and all the clips and leads. It looked rather complicated to start with once we understood what to do it was easy!

We tried two different Makey Makey apps – the bongo drums and the keyboard.  We tried attaching lots of different things to the clips but in the end we decided we liked the bananas (the pears were unsuccessful and too squishy!)  Everyone said that they really enjoyed it and couldn’t wait to have another go and tell all the class about it.

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Designing E-Safety Board Games @RRIS

This week the digital leaders have been completing an unplugged activity designing an E-Safety board game for the Year 1 children.

Firstly we talked about internet safety rules and how important it was that everyone knew them and remembered to use them when they were on a computer, tablet, phone or any other device that connected us to the world!

We wanted to make it fun and memorable for the Year 1 children so thought a board game would be a good way to help them remember the rules.

We used a dotted grid to draw out our game board and added positive and negative squares to move forwards or backwards during the game.

Next time we are going to transfer our paper copy on to the computer, adding colours and clipart.

“It was good drawing the sausage pathway.  I liked putting in the squares and sending someone back to the start.  I think the Year 1’s will like it.” Annabel

“I am having so much fun, I liked making the game and it is very neat.” Louis

“It was very, very fun and exciting.” Willow and Nina

“It has been exciting and it has been quite difficult.” Oliver

“I have been having a lot of fun.” Felix

“Mrs Stone is great at teaching :)” Tom (thank you very much Tom)


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