What An Amazing Year @RRIS

How quickly this year has flown by and how everyone has grown! I will be very sorry to see all the digital leaders leave, they have been absolutely marvellous ūüôā I wonder who the next lot will be?

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Interviews Done @RRIS

Phew!  That was hard work Рall 90 interviews have taken place so next week it will be time for all the applicants to do their task Рhow resilient will they be if it gets tough?

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Application Deadline @RRIS

Can you believe it – 90 applications for us to look through!! Amazing stuff, so pleased that so many year 1 children want to be part of our digital team as a leader or helper ūüôā ¬†Now we have to sort out their appointment times for all the interviews, we are going to be busy!

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Digital Leader Assembly to Year 1 @RRIS

After a few practise sessions, we were ready Рand how brilliant everyone was!  All the digital leaders stood up in assembly and talked about what they had done and enjoyed in this last year and urged all 120 year one children to apply Рall applications must be in by 21st June!

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Preparing for New Applications @RRIS

So the time is drawing near for the Year 1 children to begin the application process!  This year has really whizzed past.  The digital leaders firstly made posters advertising the job and then prepared their words for the special assembly.  Everyone said that they wanted to stand up and speak, they are all a lot more confident than when they first started.


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Quiver AR App @RRIS

This week the Digital Leaders have been using the augmented reality app Quiver to bring pictures to life!  There were lots of pictures to choose from and you could colour them however you liked.  All of the pictures did something different for you to interact with.  Everyone loved the games ones like the dinosaur and the rabbit!  We were all amazed how clever the technology was and how you seemed like you could pick up all the things that popped up.  Everyone took their colouring home in the hope they could download the app their too.  They are looking forward to telling everyone in their class about the app.

“It was amazing, it was like you could pick all the things up.”

“How did the picture come to life with the colours I did?”

“That is just so cool, everyone in our class is going to think this is awesome!”


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Helping in Year 1 @RRIS

This week some of the Digital Leaders visited a Year 1 class to see how they were getting on with the Bee Bots! ¬†They were most impressed how much the children knew and took the opportunity to pass on some tips ūüôā

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Digital Leaders Visit The Apple Store @RRIS

This week the Digital Leaders were so excited to go out on a workshop visit to the Norwich Apple Store in Chapelfield shopping centre.  We walked quickly as the sky looked rather grey in parts and luckily got there without getting wet!

We were greeted by Neil at the door and shown to our workstations, where we slipped on our lovely new yellow tshirts. ¬†We spent the morning learning how to use the iMovie app. ¬†First we took lots of little videos – trying to keep each clip down to 10 seconds, thinking about close-ups, middle and long shots! ¬†We then learnt how to add them to the app and clip each video down to 2 seconds. ¬†We added titles, sound effects, music and special effects. ¬†There was so much to learn but we all managed to create a video which was uploaded on to a usb wristband for everyone to keep. ¬†Now we are all experts we can go back to school and teach everyone else how to do it! ¬†Hopefully the other half of the Digital Leaders who didn’t ¬†come this time will go soon.

Please have a look at some of the pictures from the morning.


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Bee Bot Algorithms @RRIS

This week the Digital Leaders have been busy writing algorithms for the Bee Bots and Blue Bots. ¬†Using special challenge cards they have had to take their Bee Bots on specific pathways over the mats or draw letters or shapes on the carpet. ¬†Some of the challenges were really quite hard, especially when you had to avoid certain squares or couldn’t use some of the controls (like the forwards command!)

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Making Music with Incredibox @RRIS

This week the Digital Leaders have been using the program Incredibox to make some groovy music!

“It is really easy you just drag the sound you want on top of the man and it starts playing.”

“All the sounds are really cool.”

“Some of the sounds fit together better than others.”

“Our class are really going to enjoy making some music and I can’t wait to show them how to do it!”

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