Our First Digital Team ‘A’ Meeting @RRIS

I was so excited that we had our very first Digital Team meeting today. We will be having Digital Team meetings on alternate weeks – Magpies and Wrens (Team A) will meet together on week 1 and Swans and Swifts (Team B) will meet together on week 2.

At each meeting 6 children from each class will come out to spend time with me and together we will learn about all the things their class will be doing in their Computing lesson later that week. Everyone has a chance to practice what we have learnt and so will know how best to answer any questions our classmates or the teacher will have. We also talk about how we can encourage everyone to be resilient and a problem solver to try to work out what to do if they get stuck!

Here are some pictures from our first meeting

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New Job Role @RRIS

After our first assembly introducing the new Digital Team and then designing the new logo, we came up with our new Job Role for 2021-22. We thought about our 6 Learner Values and how they would fit in with all the things we wanted the Digital Team to do in the next year. We think it’s a really good list to start with. As the year goes on we might want to add to it! Everyone in each of the Year 2 classes signed the Job Role to say they would like to take part as we think that it is really important that everyone has a chance to teach and support each other with their learning.

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Welcome Back Everyone!!!

It seems like an awful long time since the Digital Team have been together, but I am pleased to say that we are back and raring to go!!!

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Micro:bit Challenge @RRIS

Hello everyone!

I was very lucky to receive one of these in the post today – it’s a BBC micro:bit (a very small mini computer!) As you can see in the picture it comes with a wire to connect it to a computer and a battery pack. These are amazing little computers and I would love to get some to try at school. The website that helps you learn more about them says they are for children aged 8 and over, but I am pretty sure you all could have a go at creating a program for it.

You can see on the front of the micro:bit there are 25 little silver lines – these are in fact LED lights and you can write a program to make them light up! This is what I would like you to have a go at doing 🙂 You don’t need a micro:bit yourself to do this as the program you use has a picture of one and it shows you exactly what would happen on a real micro:bit.

So the question is, are you ready for the challenge?

Why not watch the Introduction video on this website first and then have a go at making a program here. If you look in the Tutorials section it will show you exactly what to do. Start off by making the flashing heart! Click the orange Next button to work your way through the tutorial, making sure you watch the animation so you know what to do. I had a go, here’s a little video so you can see it!

Here’s my flashing heart!

There are lots of projects that you can try and I would love to see how you get on. You can send me photographs or videos and I can put them on the blog to encourage other people to have a go. You could also leave comments on the blog.

If you have a tablet, there are free MakeCode apps that you can use too for both Apple and Android devices – I tried it on my tablet and it was brilliant!

Good luck
Mrs Stone 🙂

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Using Kodable at Home @RRIS

Let’s have a look and see how the leaders got on at home with my challenge!

B said “It was really easy – you had to make a path but the hardest part was to know that you didn’t need an arrow for each space on the path, it was for the whole line. Once you knew that I was OK for the rest. It was the first time that I have used Kodable at home and I would use it again.”

P said “For the first tries, it didn’t work out very well, but then I started enjoying it. The instructions were good, but what I found a bit puzzling is that you can only use a certain number of commands. I didn’t know in my first attempts that it makes it easier when you move the start and finish blocks. Once my mummy moved them, it was easier.
I would recommend this to other children and will play it now again.”

J said “Thank you for letting us know about the beach cleanup game on kodable. I completed all of the levels and thought it was fun. “

M said “I think it was great . I loved coding so I really enjoyed solving the problems. You have to move the character to pick up the rubbish. There are 2 problems, the first is that you have to build a path. The second is that you only have a limited amount of moves. Thank you for sharing it with me

E said “This afternoon I have played a new game with Kodable called Beach Clean Up.
Here is my review.
I thought the game was fun to play because it teaches us to recycle our rubbish and save animals lives – making a cleaner environment for everyone. I found the video instructions easy to follow. I think it would be a good, fun game for year 1 and 2 children to play as there are 3 levels – easy, medium and hard. I played the easy and medium levels and found the picture instructions helpful. Overall, I really enjoyed playing the game.”

G said ” I had a go on the Kodable beach clean and did really enjoy it the instruction videos are clear and I got on well.”

This looks fun!

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Working From Home Challenge @RRIS

It’s been so long since I have seen my amazing digital leaders that I thought I would set them a challenge to do at home before we ask all the other year 2 children to have a go too.

We use the website Kodable for some basic lessons in coding and I spotted that a new challenge had appeared called Beach Clean Up so I asked the digital leaders to try it out. Maybe you would like to have a go too?

You can find the challenge here – you don’t need a login to play, just click the purple bar ‘Play Without Saving’, then the orange button ‘Playing At Home’ and then lastly click on your age and the explanation video will start. It should tell you everything you need to know to complete the challenges. Good luck and let me know how you get on!

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