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Our Playground @RRIS

Posted by on 27/03/2014

Hello Quadblog friends. You asked what our playground was like – have a look!

We also had a special assembly today about our recycling project – we have been collecting milk bottle lids to recycle,  have a look and see how we got on!

We are really enjoying the extra visitors we have received this week and look forward to your comments, thank you very much.

3 Responses to Our Playground @RRIS

  1. murrin

    Your video was ePIc

  2. Mr. McCabe

    Hello boys and girls,

    We really liked your playground! We don’t have an adventure playground – we are quite jealous! Is your adventure playground dangerous? You have a massive field to play on too.

    It was interesting to know that you were collecting bottle lids. You must use a lot of milk! You are being very eco-friendly, collecting bottle lids for recycling. Did you collect 100 bottles filled with lids or 100 lids? How many lids did you collect?

    Mr. McCabe and Primary 3a

  3. Ms. Feist

    Hello Boys and Girls!

    What a great recycling project. We especially liked that you collected 100 milk bottle lids. It made us think about when we celebrate 100 days of school. Do you do that?

    Your playground looks like lots of fun to play in. Would you believe ours is still covered in snow!
    It was lots of fun to learn about your school.

    Ms. Feist and her fabulous grade 2F class