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We Answer Your Questions @RRIS

Posted by on 25/03/2014

Thank you so much for all those fantastic questions and comments – here are our answers. We are looking forward to some more! There were still a few outtakes today – but we are really enjoying ourselves.




8 Responses to We Answer Your Questions @RRIS

  1. Jasmyn

    I like your video by jasmyn

  2. Harry

    We dont have a nesrey class but we have reception class thats for 4-5 year 1 [grade 1] 5-6 and year 2
    [grade 2] 6-7 years.

  3. sienna

    Yes i do like school.
    No boy do not where green and girls do not where red.

  4. stella

    The boys do not where green clothes and the gril do not as well.
    I do like my teacher in school.

  5. Rudy

    1.I dont know but I will find out soon.

    4.We only have four.

  6. Elitsa

    No we do not have a nursery.
    Are shool is not on two floors it is on one floor.
    Yes we do like wearing normal clothes to shool.

  7. sadie

    i would just like to know a few things about your class you like school your boys have to wear green and do the girls have to wear red? you like the teacher in your room?
    4.what year douse your class go up too you have year 3 and 4 in your class?

    i will talk to you soon bye

    from sadie in room 12 Roydvale school

  8. Mr. McCabe

    Hello RRIS!

    We have really enjoyed looking at your videos. We liked seeing pictures of your classrooms. Your school uniform looks very colourful. We don’t get coloured uniforms – we only have navy and white. We were jealous that you get to go swimming. We don’t go swimming until Primary 4 (Year 3). We also go skiing in Primary 5 (Year 4). We also loved your Quadblogging wall. We are going to make one too.

    We have some more questions for you:

    1) How old is your school?
    2) Do you enjoy wearing normal clothes to school?
    3) How many classes do you have in total?
    4) How many Year 2 classes do you have?
    5) Do you hit your head on the hanging things in your classrooms?
    6) Is your school just on one floor or more?
    7) Do you have a nursery class?
    8) What topics are you looking at just now?
    9) Do you have a church next to your school?
    10) What do you have in your playground? Do you have a football pitch?

    Thank you for taking the time to make the videos!

    Mr. McCabe and Primary 3a
    King’s Park Primary School