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Welcome Quadblog Friends @RRIS

Posted by on 19/05/2014

Hello and welcome to all our Quadblog friends!  It is our turn to be the focus blog this week – is there anything you want to ask us?

We are having the most amazing sunny weather today – it will probably be the hottest day of the year so far – maybe up to 23 degrees! Phew!

3 Responses to Welcome Quadblog Friends @RRIS

  1. RRISBlog

    Thank you for coming to visit our blog. We are on school holidays at the moment but look forward to answering your questions next week.

  2. Ms. Feist

    Our questions are a little late but we hope you will still have time to answer them.

    We often do Mystery Skypes. Have you ever done one of those? Here are somethings we ask other classes:

    Do you have a mascot? (We don’t but we wish we did!)
    What are kids favourite subjects? (Most of us like gym the best and then maybe art or reading the next.)
    What do kids like to do the most in the summer? (Lots of kids here like to bike, play baseball and soccer and swim.)
    Where are places your kids have visited during their holidays? Has anyone been to Canada? (In our class this year some kids have been to: Bermuda, California, South Africa, Australia, Hawaii, Mexico, Japan and Mexico.)
    Do you have to wear uniforms? (We don’t.)
    How many kids are in your class? (We have 21.)
    What is your time compared to ours? What is your time called? (Ours is called Mountain Standard Time)

    Whew that is a lot of questions! We will check your blog to see the answers. We can’t wait!

  3. Adrianna

    You’ve made some awesome videos
    the hole of P3A have been watching
    pretty much all of your videos it’s cool you
    have an Adventure playground.