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Teaching Avatars @RRIS

For the first time we welcomed Helpers to our meeting to show them how we created our avatars.  We will be teaching this to our classes this week. “We have been practising lego style avatars and making our own lego people. We are making them because if children need our help doing them we need … Continue reading »

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Designing our Avatars @RRIS

After spending the last few weeks setting the group up, today was our first lesson that we will go on to teach to our classes. We all know how important it is to keep ourselves safe when using the computer and being online, so we learned how to create our own avatar, which we will … Continue reading »

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Designing E-Safety Board Games @RRIS

This week the digital leaders have been completing an unplugged activity designing an E-Safety board game for the Year 1 children. Firstly we talked about internet safety rules and how important it was that everyone knew them and remembered to use them when they were on a computer, tablet, phone or any other device that … Continue reading »

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Designing our Avatar @RRIS

This week the digital leaders made their avatar for their lanyard. We talked about how important it was to not always use real pictures of ourselves when we use websites. We used two different avatar creators Doppelme and Lego Avatar Creator.  All the digital leaders will be showing their classmates how to make one for them … Continue reading »

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