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First Ever Digital Helper Meeting @RRIS

This year the Digital Helpers have their own dedicated meeting and the first one was held this week. We have some exciting Ollies and Spheros which are programmable robots that you can steer!  The Digital Helpers worked with a partner and really enjoyed exploring what they could do.  They couldn’t wait to go and tell their … Continue reading »

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Helping in Year 1 @RRIS

This week some of the Digital Leaders visited a Year 1 class to see how they were getting on with the Bee Bots!  They were most impressed how much the children knew and took the opportunity to pass on some tips 🙂

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Making Music with Incredibox @RRIS

This week the Digital Leaders have been using the program Incredibox to make some groovy music! “It is really easy you just drag the sound you want on top of the man and it starts playing.” “All the sounds are really cool.” “Some of the sounds fit together better than others.” “Our class are really going … Continue reading »

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Investigating Robot Dancing @RRIS

Who doesn’t love a dancing robot?!  This week the digital leaders have been testing out some websites that allow you to programme a robot to dance, Move Mixer and Robo Boogie  What was really clever about Robo Boogie was that you were able to change the robots movements and then look at the code to … Continue reading »

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Unboxing Gifts @RRIS

All the Digital Leaders were very excited to take delivery of some packages and couldn’t wait to find out what was inside!  They certainly weren’t disappointed as we received some amazing things for our Beebots – mats, cards, jackets, reader and microscope!  We can’t wait to give them all a go after half term.  The … Continue reading »

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Debugging with Blue-Bots @RRIS

This week the Digital Leaders have been supporting children in their own class with using our new Blue-Bots to write and debug algorithms.  We used cards to write the algorithm and followed the steps as the Bluebot moved to check for bugs.  We then programmed the Blue-Bots again when we found a bug.  Some children managed … Continue reading »

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Blue-Bots Arrive! @RRIS

There was much excitement today as a big box arrived for the Digital Leaders! What could it be? A fantastic set of 6 Blue-Bots and charging dock from our very kind friends at TTS. They saw us on stage at The Bett Show in January using our Bee-Bots and thought they would send us some … Continue reading »

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Our Presentation @BETT2016

What an amazing day! 22 excited Digital Leaders with their parents and carers travelled to London for the day to take part in a presentation at the ExCel Centre.  Lots of people had to get up early to catch the train or start their car journey.  Everyone made sure they had some lunch before the … Continue reading »

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Hour of Code Certificates @RRIS

Lots of children including the Digital Leaders have now completed their Hour of Code and received their certificates in assembly today.  If you haven’t done it yet, why not have a try?  This is the website we used.

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Making a Flappy Bird game @RRIS

This afternoon the Digital Leaders made their own Flappy Bird games with the help of the website.  They worked through the activities and felt confident at the end to have a go themselves.  They were able to change many variables like the icon for the player (Superman, Batman or the Easter Bunny for example), … Continue reading »

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