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Signing our Job Agreement @RRIS

Having worked out a list of all the things we wanted to do, we signed our agreement to show our commitment to the role.  

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Digital Leader Job Agreement Signed @RRIS

After last week’s meeting with all our ideas about what we would like to achieve this school year, the Digital Leaders signed their new job role agreement. They certainly want to do a lot of things 🙂

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Our First Meeting @RRIS

The new Digital Leaders will meet once a fortnight on a Monday and today was our very first meeting!  We got to know each other and talked about all the things we are looking forward to doing as Digital Leaders at RRIS.  We worked with a partner to write down ideas of all the things … Continue reading »

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Application Deadline @RRIS

Can you believe it – 90 applications for us to look through!! Amazing stuff, so pleased that so many year 1 children want to be part of our digital team as a leader or helper 🙂  Now we have to sort out their appointment times for all the interviews, we are going to be busy!

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Preparing for New Applications @RRIS

So the time is drawing near for the Year 1 children to begin the application process!  This year has really whizzed past.  The digital leaders firstly made posters advertising the job and then prepared their words for the special assembly.  Everyone said that they wanted to stand up and speak, they are all a lot … Continue reading »

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Signing our Job Agreement @RRIS

After all the hard work we did last week, our job agreement is here! Everyone signed it and is looking forward to getting started with their jobs.    

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Our First Meeting @RRIS

Didn’t those summer holidays whizz by quickly? We were all so excited to be back and find out who the Digital Leaders and Helpers for 2016 were and we made the announcement in a special Rec Road Radio broadcast – which you can listen to here. Our new leaders are: Millie, Mia, Archie, Leo, Bea, … Continue reading »

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